All big everything

Is bigger better? Im mire of an ass man then breast but a nice rack has always been a turn on for me. This question goes out to both my male and female readers. Is bigger better?




Simple exposure simply irresistible

When a woman chooses to expose herself no matter how much or how little we as men tend to loose it! So id like to personally thank all those exhibitionist that have made my job as a sexpert blogger much more easier.







Express yourself




Are you into exhibitionism? Seriously do you get off on showing off your body in public? The Sexpert Guru says that 65% of Americans love showing off their nude bodies. Doing such naughty things like this in public raises your sexual endorphins usually causing a massive climax when and if you ever get around to busting that huge nut.

Muffin top stuffing

There are some things women shouldn’t do and revealing your muffin tops in public is one of the ladies! That shit just aint sexy. Now I know niggas be walking around with they boxers and ass showing and I may be guilty of that at times but this is a no no!



Seeing that top spill over on the sides is just un attractive. Seriously look at this shit, you dont want to be viewed in the eyes of the public looking like this now do you?



All tops aint good tops and muffin rops is a Hell to the no so please dont be a fashion stop sign ladies. Thank you

Like my lips

I was asked by a girlfriend did her huge lips turn me on and I had to answer her honestly. I simply told her hell yeah then she asked me exactly what I liked about her huge lips and I simply stated I love how when they separate they take the shape of a beautiful butterfly. Of course after telling her this she sucked and fucked me royally. Moral of this story some people are very self consumed by their imperfections but when you let someone know their imperfections are perfect in your eEs the rewards can be priceless!


Bigger or Rounder Black vs White who will win?


When the focus on K Kardasians as became a household topic I was right in the mix discussing how white girls have gone from just being heavy chested and big breasted to having black girl booties. Now all of the sudden white women are indeed giving our sisters a legitimate run for their money in the ass category. Has the white woman gotten tired of having a flat ass? As a brother that loves a round booty I have to admit that seeing these type asses on white chicks does something for me. Who else feels the same way? The rounder the better or the bigger the better?

Thank you all for supporting this blog and my work as a sexpert.

Are you afraid to show your emotions?

Are you afraid to show your emotions?

Is it true that women have less problems revealing their true emotions in a relationship than men? As a man asking this question and also responding to it as honestly as I possibly can Id have to say that women are more inclined to reveal their emotions than men are. Speaking only from personal experiences I have held my emotions inside on various ocassions simply due to pride. Now is this healzhy? The answer to that is absolutely not! Men we need to get incontact with ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally in order to reach new heights in our relationships. Otherwise we just may be the cause of our relationships becoming stagnated. In short terms, fellas its ok to let it out. Emotions are loke doo doo, better out than in. If you hold shit inside sou to long that shit can kill you!