All big everything

Is bigger better? Im mire of an ass man then breast but a nice rack has always been a turn on for me. This question goes out to both my male and female readers. Is bigger better?




Simple exposure simply irresistible

When a woman chooses to expose herself no matter how much or how little we as men tend to loose it! So id like to personally thank all those exhibitionist that have made my job as a sexpert blogger much more easier.







Anal Retentive

Anal anyone? I once heard that there was a woman that had never experienced an orgasm. Then one day she decided to experiment sexually. She told her husband that she was going to give him a special gift. That gift was her virgin asshole. Scared to death she prepared her asshole for penitration. She bathed, lubed her asshole both inside and out. She followed the directions she’d received and allowed her husband to mount her from the rear. Three explosive orgasm an hour later she was exhausted.

Moral of the story… Don’t knock it til you try it!

Posted by the Sexpert Guru of love