The color of complexity

The color of complexity

Black women have amazed men for centuries. Even slave owners found themselves drawn to the inward ans outer beauty if the wonderous black sister. What is it about this amazing creature that men swarm too and cant get enough of. How much truth is it to rhe saIng the darker the berry the sweeter the juice?


Bigger or Rounder Black vs White who will win?


When the focus on K Kardasians as became a household topic I was right in the mix discussing how white girls have gone from just being heavy chested and big breasted to having black girl booties. Now all of the sudden white women are indeed giving our sisters a legitimate run for their money in the ass category. Has the white woman gotten tired of having a flat ass? As a brother that loves a round booty I have to admit that seeing these type asses on white chicks does something for me. Who else feels the same way? The rounder the better or the bigger the better?

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