Hey sisters don’t be hating on a brother

Its not funny but I believe that Im going to marry a white woman when Im really to really settle down again. All I have to say is white girls have more fun and they aim to please in every way. Ive been with many different nationalities and white women have shown me that they will go above and beyond the call of duty to make their men/man happy. So as my note to all those fine ass sisters that I may see within my travels when you see me with a bunny clinging to my arm don’t say shit and please keep your dirty looks to yourselves cause this white woman has the tools to keep me happy and thats all that matters to me!



Did you know… Women love to spoon?

Spooning: just imagine to spoons interlocked together as one.

Spooning: just imagine to spoons interlocked together as one.

Ghetto’s and stiletto’s still make the world go round no matter what city or town you rep’n. . I’m here to let you know that I’ve experienced. Some of the best outter body experiences have occurred while laying extra close to my woman and allowing my energy to past from my body into hers while spooning. The art of spooning has been forgoten over the years due to everyone being in such a rush. Do you remember when you where younger and inexperienced. You might have been so nervous that you layed there right next to that girl so close that she could feel your erection pulsating inside your pants. Now I know I’m not the only person that remembers those days. Hey fellas we need to take it back to our pre teenage years when spooning a chick was almost as good as getting some pussy. Women are more sensual than men and they need to feel that emotional and spiritual connection. Over the years we’ve eliminated the spooning ritual because everything moves so fast now days. Your partner will feel so much more in tune with you if you take the time to spoon either before sex or afterwards. Its ok to be a little different so go ahead and try it. Go against the grain. Oh shit I almost forgot, lemme know how shit turns out.

Sincerely yours,
Pj Vick

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Visually Stimulating: BOOTY TWERKING 101

Let Me See the Booty

Let Me See the Booty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fantasies are for those that love to fantasize. With the birth of BOOTY TWERKING a lot of men’s and women’s fantasies have come true.

Booty Wurk (One Cheek At a Time)

Booty Wurk (One Cheek At a Time) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a video that some women may find tutitorial for the acquired art of booty twerking, but for others that appreciate a good booty twerk sit back and enjoy these three ladies do their thing.

Certified Sexpert

Sex toys for him that he can use alone or with a partner

Sex toys for him that he can use alone or with a partner

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Couples can now share and explore each other even more!

Couples can now share and explore each other even more!

Ladies lets start feeling and looking more sexier...

Ladies lets start feeling and looking more sexier…

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Journey to planet Uranus, have you ever had your salad tossed?

A woman wearing a strap-on dildo about to enga...

A woman wearing a strap-on dildo about to engage in anal sex with a man. Português: Mulher vestindo consolo prestes a realizar sexo anal com homem. Deutsch: Eine Frau trägt einen Umschnalldildo, um mit einem Mann Analverkehr zu haben. עברית: אשה לובשת סטרפ-און דילדו ועומדת לקיים סקס אנאלי עם גבר (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A woman performing anilingus with ano...

English: A woman performing anilingus with another woman. Deutsch: Eine Frau leckt den Anus einer anderen Frau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok first of all I ain’t talking about no dag gone vegetables so get that out of your mind. I’m talking about having your ass hole cleaned out. Vacuumed sucked dry by some body with the softest set of lips and the hottest, nastiest tongue that you’ve ever felt in your life? I know that I’m nasty but hey if I didn’t talk about it than somebody else damn sure would. Are you shaking your head at the computer screen right now? I figured you were and I’m fine with that. This question is directed to both my male and female readers. If you were lucky enough to have had your salad tossed would you admit how good it felt? What would you compare the feeling to?

Girl on guy salad tossing

Girl on guy salad tossing

No before any of you answer this I just want you to know I don’t care about your sexuality. If you are a gay man responding to having your salad tossed I’m cool with that. I just ask for you to not be as graphic with your details please. If you are a heterosexual male that had his salad tossed by a freaky ass woman like myself, we’ll try to use a little discretion please. I never know who’s going to read my blog.

Guy on girl tossing of the salad. Notice how her pooper hole is opening slightly from the sensation she's experiencing. The rectum has thousands of nerve endings that are extremely sensitive.

Guy on girl tossing of the salad. Notice how her pooper hole is opening slightly from the sensation she’s experiencing. The rectum has thousands of nerve endings that are extremely sensitive.

Speaking about tossing some salad has me hungry as a son of a gun. Here’s a poll I found about women and the rectal cavity, the do’s and don’ts of booty pleasuring. I found a survey online asking Do women like taking it in the booty? Here’s some of the real responses that I found.

AvatarI’ve never done it, but am not opposed to it. My husband has literally no interest in doing it though– I’ve offered. So I guess it is off the table for me, not that I know whether or not I am missing anything. I had a friend in college who was a real prude about everything except “da butt.” She said it was better if she took a muscle relaxer first, and then it was the best sex of her life.

Also if you are interested in a wonderfully amusing booty-sex-gone-wrong story, check outTuckerMax.com (I know, I know, he’s deplorable) and read “Tucker tries butt sex, hilarity does not ensue.”


julie • My first time was soo nice, i didn’t expect but my teacher (real teacher) forced it saying i should learn how to have pleasure in many ways. I was curious and did let him do it with me. I’ve tried after with others but the guys are not experienced with anal sex AND they dont know the woman’s body, causing pain.
I only have pleasure when i use desensitizing balms/lubes at the hurting entrance.

But even using tips and ways to try a clean anal sex, or use lubes with flavours, don’t eat too much or heavy food in the day i decide to do it ..anyways….. i hate so much the poop smell , its really disgusting , as Carolyn posted before.

Or i can eat flowers or just drink water since 3 days before the act…. (¬.¬)


Leah • I think the more interesting part of this is how passionately people feel about this. It’s like Indian food, you love it or hate it. I don’t pretend to know why people do what they do, but I imagine this agression is because girls who don’t do it think that everyone else thinks they’re prudes, and girls who do it are admitting to a taboo and have to defend themselves. I thinks we should all just do what we’re comfortable with.

That being said, I hate it. It really hurts, and I don’t like the idea of someone wanting to do something to me that hurts me so they can get off. And, you know, the poop factor.