We got something special here


Love is a very powerful word but pussy is the most powerful item on the planet because both men and women desire to possess it. Does anyone dis agree with me?



Finger fucker


I am the Sexpert Guru and I received this cry for help from this young lady.

I am a woman that cannot keep my hands from inside my panties. Every chance I get I find myself playing with my pussy. I’m asking the world am I the only one who has this problem? Ever since I was a pre-teenager I found it very arousing rubbing on my clitoris. Sometimes I do it in public is this a sickness? I’m asking all of the six birds around the world please help me.

What does a woman want?


A woman wants to be touched the same exact way she touches herself. Very few men have yet to understand this philosophy. The reason why is because of something we have called the macho ego. If you truly want to connect with your woman on a more higher level all you have to do is ask her to play with herself in front of you and pay attention fellas. We think we have it all figure out but we reall don’t. Put your ego’s aside for a second and pa close attention ti her as she pleasures herself. Then repeat her movements the same exact way she did. If you do this I guarantee you’ll be several steps closer to taking Our woman to new heights of pleasure in the bedroom. Trust me on this one fellas I did it and had the pleasure of watching my woman convulse like never before. Her orgasms were incredible. Before then id never taken her as far as I did that night and now she still to this day she thanks me for giving her the most powerful orgasm shes ever had in her life.

The color of complexity

The color of complexity

Black women have amazed men for centuries. Even slave owners found themselves drawn to the inward ans outer beauty if the wonderous black sister. What is it about this amazing creature that men swarm too and cant get enough of. How much truth is it to rhe saIng the darker the berry the sweeter the juice?