Simple exposure simply irresistible

When a woman chooses to expose herself no matter how much or how little we as men tend to loose it! So id like to personally thank all those exhibitionist that have made my job as a sexpert blogger much more easier.








Express yourself




Are you into exhibitionism? Seriously do you get off on showing off your body in public? The Sexpert Guru says that 65% of Americans love showing off their nude bodies. Doing such naughty things like this in public raises your sexual endorphins usually causing a massive climax when and if you ever get around to busting that huge nut.

Why are we so turned on when we see a woman without panties on in public

What would you do if you noticed that a woman wasn’t wearing panties in public? How would you react to catching an eye full of pubic hair or smoothly shaven vagina? as a man I know I would go absolutely nuts if this were to happen to me. But honestly I can’t explain why. I’ve seen thousands of vagina’s over my lifetime but catching a glimpse of a perfect strangers vagina would be exhilarating. Am I a pervert? The answer is no! Do I like surprises? I’d have to say yes to that question, especially sexy ones. How would you react in this situation? The sexpert guru wants to know.

Posted by the Sexpert Guru of love