Did you know… Women love to spoon?

Spooning: just imagine to spoons interlocked together as one.

Spooning: just imagine to spoons interlocked together as one.

Ghetto’s and stiletto’s still make the world go round no matter what city or town you rep’n. . I’m here to let you know that I’ve experienced. Some of the best outter body experiences have occurred while laying extra close to my woman and allowing my energy to past from my body into hers while spooning. The art of spooning has been forgoten over the years due to everyone being in such a rush. Do you remember when you where younger and inexperienced. You might have been so nervous that you layed there right next to that girl so close that she could feel your erection pulsating inside your pants. Now I know I’m not the only person that remembers those days. Hey fellas we need to take it back to our pre teenage years when spooning a chick was almost as good as getting some pussy. Women are more sensual than men and they need to feel that emotional and spiritual connection. Over the years we’ve eliminated the spooning ritual because everything moves so fast now days. Your partner will feel so much more in tune with you if you take the time to spoon either before sex or afterwards. Its ok to be a little different so go ahead and try it. Go against the grain. Oh shit I almost forgot, lemme know how shit turns out.

Sincerely yours,
Pj Vick

Posted by the Sexpert Guru of love


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