How to gain the trust of a crazy ass woman

This chick is crazy and I know it, but I still wanna hit! how many of you have ever found yourselves in this situation? Your fucking with a troubled crazy ass woman, and you know this chick is a certified lunatic but your willing to put in the time and effort to knock boots with her crazy ass. Well first and foremost I want to wish you good luck. Secondly I want to ask you if any bells or alarms went off in your head as soon as you realized the chick was nutty? We as men get a kick out of fucking around with crazy chicks. Most of us that have dealt with them before already know that these type chicks spell trouble from the start so why pursue them? Mainly cause we know that crazy chicks are good in the bedroom. They are normally certified freaks. If you are interested in learning how to bag one of these type chicks please leave a comment below. The lady in this picture is a certified lunatic. For her protection I will not reveal her name but I will give you a scenario and things you can and should not do when pursuing crazy ass broads.

Posted by the Sexpert Guru of love


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