Money’s like milk it does the body good

The importance of having a strong core. Attention Men as we get older we have to work out even harder to keep our core tight. Although all of us want to have a sexy six pack time waits for no man. Remember no matter how big your equipment is if your core is flabby your performance may slack. All of your power thrusting comes from having a spring like core. God may have blessed you with 9 inches or more but if tour core isn’t tight a man packing 4 inches might out do you and that’s an embarrassment. Let’s be honest, if you fucked a chick that told you a guy with a three inch dick wore her out making her climax over and over again you’d start looking at yourself like WTF is wrong with me now wouldn’t you? So to avoid this from happening please do constant ab work so you won’t be outdone in the bedroom by a short, short man. Trust me when I say this, “Bitches Do Talk!”

Posted by the Sexpert Guru of love


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