Zane’s material is visually stimulating whether read or viewed or listened to!

Zane’s “The Jump Off” is probably the hottest soft porn miniseries on cable right now as we speak. Her literature has always been provocative and mentally stimulating. I can remember back in the day when I was young and dumb, catching bids. My favorite past time was indeed curling up to a Zane novel while surrounded by a dorm full of grown ass men, most of them hard core criminals, and rapist or murderers and drug dealers. I would spend hours at a time engulfed in reading one of her novels. Zane has this uncanny ability to capture one’s mind, heart and imagination with her graphic word play and stimulating story telling ability. Now that she has made the transition from paper back to silver screen her audience has grown tremendously.

Last night I found myself watching Zane’s “The Jump Off” with my girlfriend. I could tell that she was enjoying herself and so was I. The actors and actresses had flawless bodies. Needless to say their acting abilities weren’t bad neither. So in conclusion if you’re in the market for a good skin flick and you don’t want to go out and rent one Zane’s “The Jump Off” has more than enough hot, steamy sex scenes that will do the trick for both you and your sexual partner.


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