The third gender bender


Tootsie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you feel about the third gender? Now I know you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m speaking of the transsexuals  Men that have taken hormone pills or injections to transform themselves into females but haven’t taken that final step of transformation. Yeah they still have sticks between their legs. CHICKS WITH DICKS. I didn’t realize how populated Baltimore, Maryland was with these individuals. Just the other night while walking to a late night store in my neighborhood I ran across to of them walking together. Both of these female impersonators were ugly as shit first of all. Just based upon how ugly and manly looking they wee I knew right away that they were shem’s. Now I ain’t into knocking nobody for what they do nor how they feel about themselves but there should be a line that some of these guys shouldn’t cross. But I ain’t here to get all political with you on a topic that I feel is morally incorrect. I basically want to know how some of you may feel about this third gender.

 Do you remember Tootsie? If Im not mistaken Hollywierd produced this movie first then a craze was birthed. Men dressing up as women. If you want something to be viewed as socially acceptable allow Hollywierd to make a movie about it.

 This is Sally Goldner a fully functioning trans sexual male.

Most of these transformations are taking place while the transgender-ed is teenager. 

Transsexual’s around the globe making headlines…

Hong Kong: A transsexual woman won an appeal in a Hong Kong court on Monday to marry her boyfriend, forcing the government to rewrite marriage laws in the city. The Court of Final Appeal, by a majority of four to one, ruled that the appellant, identified only as W, was entitled to be included as a woman and was therefore eligible to marry a man.

“This is a victory for all women in Hong Kong,” W said through her lawyer after the ruling. “I’m very happy that the court of appeal now recognises my desire to marry my boyfriend one day, and that desire is no different to that of any other woman who seeks the same here in Hong Kong.”

China, usually more conservative in its provisions of laws on social change, has already permitted transexuals to marry. Same-sex marriage is not permitted in either Hong Kong or the mainland.


There are now many clinics around the world dedicated to SRS and associated procedures, each handling hundreds of procedures a year.  Assuming a very conservative 10,000 MTF SRS procedures a year at an average cost of £10,000 / $15,000 hospitals, the fees are worth £100 million / $150 million, but that can be doubled or trebled if other common procedures such as breast augmentationfacial feminisation, trachea shave and buttock implants are included.


SRS - Before and AfterSex Re-assignment Surgery

Most surgeons will consider as eligible for SRS genital surgery a genetically male “woman” over the age of majority who has undergone at least 12 months continuous female hormonal treatment, and who’s also successfully lived for at least a year full-time as a woman.  However a surprising large number of women who fulfil these criteria do not immediately seek SRS, or any other genital surgery.  The reasons for delaying or avoiding SRS procedures are very diverse, but include:

  • It is irreversible – if there is any uncertainty don’t do it
  • Lack of money for surgery.
  • Potential loss of earnings after surgery.
  • Happy as is, no strong desire or psychological need to have female genitals.
  • A homosexual sexual orientation.
  • An enjoyable sexual relationship as a pre-SRS woman (not the same as ‘homosexual’)
  • Pressure from a partner, family or friends.
  • Fear of the surgery.
  • A desire to preserve a reproductive capability.
  • A medical problem which prevents major surgery.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet found any recent (rather than 1960’s) statistics on the length of time after a real life transition until genital surgery for male-to-female- women, but I have found some interesting figures for female-to-males.  Dr Holly Devor when researching her bookFTM: Female-to-Male Transsexuals in Society found that most transsexual men retain some very dramatic physical manifestations of their previous lives as females.  More than 1/3 of the 35 participants in her research who discussed this issue said that they began living as men without the aid of either hormone therapies or surgeries.  Another 60% of them began their lives as men with the assistance of hormone therapy but, on the average, they did not have their first surgeries for another 3 1/2 years.  Only six (15%) of the 39 transsexual men interviewed had had any kind of genital reconstruction surgery.  Furthermore, despite the fact that they averaged 6.5 years since beginning hormone therapy, and 7.9 years since beginning to live full-time as men, slightly more than half (51.5%) of those who had not yet had genital surgery said that they were not particularly interested in having any done.

cris.jpg (13399 bytes)

It is possible to successfully hide male genetalia, but this can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and there is a constant risk of exposure.

Sexual desires can become a powerful motive for SRS.

These extraordinary results are not directly relatable to transsexual women as much more difficult and expensive surgical procedures are required for female-to-male sex re-assignment than for male-to-female sex re-assignment.  However they do reinforce my own belief that a medium [average] delay of 3 years from full time transition to MTF SRS would probably be near the mark, high though this may appear at first sight given that a common complaint from transsexual women is the need to wait a whole year after transition before being eligible for surgery.

But the reasons to have some form of genital surgery often strengthens with time, and most transitioned transsexual women eventually undergo some procedure.


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