Your past reflects on your future!

Young Couple in Relationship Conflict

Young Couple in Relationship Conflict (Photo credit:

Taking the time to clear out my head of useless bull shit so I can start fresh with my next relationship allows us a fair and stable humble beginning. Did you know that in my spare time I might swing past Who’s Got Dirt a celebrity dirt blog that brings you some of the best articles from around the planet

Most people that have had a troubled past are more likely to have troubled futures unless they find a way to break the cycle. Yes my friends if your past is filled with plenty of disappointing relationships that ended with some one getting hurt mainly you your future relationships may follow that same dreaded path unless you find ways to break that cycle. Its not going to be easy either my friends. Anything that you want your going to have to work very had to make happen.
One of the reasons why relationships end is because one is doing everything to save it, and the other is finding every way to end it.

Most relationships fail because we spend too much time pointing out each others mistakes and not enough time enjoying each others company.

Relationships fail because of trust issues, commitment issues and communication issues.


Holding on to these issues is a no no that we dont want to get into the habit of doing people. I have gone through several failed relationships and sadly the failed relationships heavily out weigh and out number those successful ones. Take it from me your friendly neighborhood Sexpert Guru a man on a mission and the mission is to help you avoid failure by exploiting my mistakes so that you dont have to repeat them.



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