Why wont she love me like I love her?

True story here family…

I have a friend that is head over heels in love with another mans wife. This is the problem in general. She belongs to another man. I’ve tried to tell him that this love affair isn’t going to work, mainly because God’s blessings aren’t involved in this sinful triangle. He doesn’t want to hear anything that I have to say on this matter. Especially when I mention that God’s hand is no where around and he’ll never have his blessings because he’s committing one of the most forbidden sins and that’s adultery  So maybe one of you can help me out by leaving a comment below for him, his name is Chris. I’d greatly appreciate it. God bless.



Now I know the bible says that “Thall shalt not covet” so hopefully he’ll listen to the advice coming from another source besides me.


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