Fed up with her and I cant take it no more!

Designing Ashley with super-speed thinking and...

Designing Ashley with super-speed thinking and perception SEEMED like a good idea when Sarah first cloned her. That sort of thing is pretty handy when facing off against a whole gang of bloodthirsty hoodlums. (Photo credit: colorblindPICASO)

English: Sarah Vaughan, possibly Cafe Society,...

English: Sarah Vaughan, possibly Cafe Society, NYC, ca. August 1946. Photography by William P. Gottlieb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seeking Advice This is a true story that I am about to share with you. The persons who’s going through this situation asked me to share her story with you hoping some one would read it and have some advice for her. After you read this story, if you have some advice for Sarah W ease don’t be shy. We’d appreciate it if you went to the bottom of the page and post your advice for her in the comment box below.

Sarah is an 19 year old female that is experimenting with her sexuality. She’s had boyfriends in high school but felt that boys played to many games, are immature and she doesn’t have time for that. She started fooling around with a young lady on her job last year. Up until last year she had never been with a woman but this young lady evidently knew how to make Sarah feel special and she swept Sarah off her feet. Long story short eventually they had sex and Sarah was blown away. The girl must have done some things to her that she’d never experienced before because all Sarah could do all summer was talk about this young lady all the time to me. Sarah gave up her virginity to this young lady even though she’d been with guys before she’d never let them go all the way. I was told this girl was a magnificent lover in the bed room making her feel ways no other guy could ever make her feel. She said this girl had her cum in less than 2 minutes. I was like holy shit, maybe I need to meet this chick. But some where along the line the girl lost interest in Sarah and started making up excuses for them not being able to spend time together. The sex disappeared too. Sarah was devastated feeling rejected, neglected and played. She asked me to post her story to my blog so this is why your reading her story.

Does anyone have some advice for me homegirl Sarah? She’s in pain and I want to help her over come this incident so she can move on with her life.

Posted by the Sexpert Guru of love


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