Coffee or Tea?

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

I’ve had a migraine/headache for 6 days straight. Today was so bad I couldn’t concentrate on what I was saying. I’m not even sure I knew WHAT I was saying because of the pain. I even mixed up two people’s names and felt really dumb afterwards. Anyone got a migraine cure? šŸ™‚ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok I know your confused right now, but it’s going to be alright fellas. This morning I woke up wondering if I was in the mood for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. When I refer to coffee or tea I’m really talking about what type of sexual mood I’m in. Are you a coffee man? A strong mysterious lover that wakes up with that stiff pee hard wood ready to stick it in the very first willing hole that you can shove your man hood in. Or are you more of a tea kind of guy that rolls over, kisses your woman gently with morning breath and all. Un bothered by what she looks like in the morning. Eager to hold and caress her soft body that melts into the shape that your strong grasp holds her in? Since I’m a coffee kind of girl I want my sex to wake me up abruptly. I want to feel you penetrating my moist holeĀ splittingĀ me in half causing my pelvis to crack like a head board being broken. I want you to take what you rightfully claim. Tug on my hair, smack my buttocks and call me silly.

Now fellas remember all women aren’t the same, just like penis sizes were all different and capable of with standing different amounts of pain. You might have a woman that like to drink her tea with a splash of lemon and three cubes of sugar so don’t forget to be sweet, Ok. Whether you are coffee or tea always remember to be tasteful in your approach because tact is everything. You might be in the mood but your woman might not andan angry woman in the bed can be aĀ migraineĀ headache for you all day long if you start off on the wrong foot.

what kind of sex do men really want?

Stang 04 commented:

i like it doggie style and letting her nipples rub across the silk bed cover.or rubbing them slow

Wicked replied:

Well let me tell you what I like slow take all night sex. Take the time to really get each other so hot that they are so wet and hot for each other that they are aching and almost out of their minds with anticipation. And when it finally happens its like heaven on earth. And your bodies just seem to know what the other person wants and after wards its like there is no other place on earth than where you are at that time mmmmm know where I am cumming from?

Big Freak said:

I like to be tied up and smacked around a little. I like it rough and also liked to be choked. Guys get intimidated when I tell about my fantasies. I am very submissive in the bedroom and you would think that guys would like the fact that they can do just about anything to me in there, but they aren’t. I need a kinky man that can handle all that.

Ladies Man said:

Bump it, hump it and dump it,and oh iam sorry was i surpose to please you to, to late.

These questions and comments came from

What I really want to know is are you a coffee or tea kind of guy in the bed room?


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